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Where Civil Engineers Unite

The UC Berkeley Student Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) works to bring together the brightest young future civil engineers of the generation.

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Welcome Class of 2026!

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Dear CEE class of 2026,


Here is to you, the future of the civil engineering community, the ones who will make a change and push the human race forward. You are the few intelligent, hardworking and privileged people attending UC Berkeley, and I am honoured to welcome you.


ASCE is incomplete without its members, and we are grateful to have you join our ever-growing community. Transitioning to university is a monumental, defining, and emotional moment in one’s life. It comes with the sacrifice of leaving our homes, high school friends, society and comfort zone; ASCE will be your family and home at UC Berkeley. Our members will strive to make your transition into college as smooth and easy as possible. We hope to be your go-to people! The Civil and Environmental Engineering community is a 'we', 'us', 'our' community; we are there for you no matter what.


ASCE is the collective student body organization wherein we persevere to influence our community and give back to our society. Be involved with ASCE, share your ideas and leverage our platform to make a change while pursuing your passion. We offer you an opportunity to partake in several competitions with our various teams where you can learn, make friends and build memories. Our members will help you to find your place within Berkeley! No matter the circumstances, we will continue to provide social, professional, philanthropical, and career development opportunities for our members.


ASCE is excited to see you follow your dreams and grow with you as you start your journey at UC Berkeley. Let's make this year a great one!


ASCE President 2022-2023,

Ritvick Bhalla

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Officer Retreat
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