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Cal Concrete Canoe is a Competition Team in which we work on engineering challenges through the creation of our canoe made entirely out of concrete! Our team designs and constructs our canoe using software such as Fusion 360, SolidWorks, Illustrator, and the machines in our Jacobs Hall Makerspace. We have five different divisions for members to join including Materials, Construction, HDSA, Graphics, and Paddling. All of our mixes are tested to make sure we use the best possible mix in our canoe. After we cast our canoe, we let it cure over winter break and after that, we sand and demold it. This is followed by applying our graphics mix and waterproofing. At our competition, we present our canoe and then we race it against other schools! Our team welcomes everyone and we pride ourselves in our silly and fun environment.

Follow our team on: 

FB: @UCBerkeleyConcreteCanoe

IG: @ucb_concretecanoe




Brenda Aguilar, 3rd Year

Project Manager

Concrete Canoe
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