We provide a welcoming community where students can learn, gain hands-on experience, and create something they can be proud of. The concrete canoe team is unique from the other student organizations because we encompass many disciplines of civil engineering, and provide a unique opportunity for students to grow.  


Students are able to participate in various modules, working from conception to fabrication of our concrete canoe. Participating in our team exposes students to many topics covered in Civil Engineering, such as construction, material science, structural analysis, and environmental sustainability. In addition, as a competition team, we help individuals build leadership and teamwork skills. Our team also has a long history of competition and success, which allows students to call upon a large knowledgeable alumni network. Concrete Canoe here at UC Berkeley provides a great opportunity for students to grow outside of their courses. 

Follow our team on: 

FB: @UCBerkeleyConcreteCanoe

IG: @ucb_concretecanoe

Email: calconcretecanoe@gmail.com


Tracy Tanusi / Matthew Michalek

Co-Project Managers


Concrete Canoe