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Get to Know Us a Little More

The University of California, Berkeley chapter of ASCE serves is central to student life in civil engineering at Cal.  We support a variety of civil engineering specific competition teams, groups, and honor societies. We also have a phenomenal relationship with the Bay Area industry as we host many events inviting industry leaders and connecting them with our innovative student body.

We are here to expose the career of civil engineering to students and to help them figure out their way in the broad field of civil engineering. We are able to achieve this by providing unique opportunities that would allow students to branch themselves out to professionals and engage in related field activities.

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We Are All About That Mission

The mission of ASCE at Berkeley is to support the success of all students in the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Department; to foster the academic, social, and professional development within the CEE community; and to promote the CEE profession as a whole.

We strive to follow the national ASCE mission statement:

"ASCE is the preeminent organization representing the civil engineering profession. Its mission is to provide essential value to its members and partners, advance civil engineering, and serve the public good."

Work Hard. Play Hard.

The UC Berkeley's ASCE student chapter was founded in 1921, and ever since then we have been working hard and having fun.

Although we are known as a professional organization, we enjoy hosting multiple socials throughout the year to relieve stress and build long-lasting friendships. Some events we like to host are BBQs, game nights, and specific holiday events.

So whether you are looking to learn more about civil engineering, find a job or an internship, get involved with one of our project teams or simply have fun with awesome people, Cal ASCE is the place to be.

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