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The Cal Seismic Design Team is a great way to meet people, gain useful experience, and learn more about earthquake engineering! We welcome all majors, year, religion, and sexual orientation. With 3 main sections to our team--design, analysis, and construction--we create a 5-foot tall balsa wood tower from start to finish, that abides by EERI competition rules. We then compete against 40+ other universities from around the world at the EERI conference with a unique location, prompt, and set of earthquake simulations each year. Last year we placed 5th continuing a 7-year streak of Top-5 finishes, where our building showcased the use of curved frame members for the first time in our history. From having a lot of fun together at socials to utilizing industry-standard technology programs like SAP2000 and AutoCAD, our team is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the civil engineering community. 

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Geraldine Fabro / Connor Geudeker

Co-Project Managers

Seismic Design