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The Cal Seismic Design Team is an amazing way to meet people, gain useful experience, and learn more about earthquake engineering! We welcome all majors, years, religions, and sexual orientations. With 3 main sections to our team-- seismic design, seismic analysis, and construction--we fabricate 5-foot tall balsa wood towers from start to finish, pushing the performance of our tower within the rules given to us by EERI. We then compete against 40+ other universities from around the world at the EERI conference, this year at Salt Lake City, with posters, presentations and a set of earthquake simulations. Last year, we sadly could not compete in person, but we demolished the virtual competition, placing 2nd overall and continuing our 8-year streak of Top-5 finishes. This year, however, is in person and we look forward to bringing everyone to the competition at Salt Lake City. From having a lot of fun together at socials to utilizing industry-standard technology programs like SAP2000, AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUp our team is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the civil engineering community!

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Leah Mealey / Ethan Chen

Co-Project Managers

Seismic Design