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Praise From Professionals

Look at our services below to see what opportunities we can offer to companies.

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"Just keep it up! I appreciate how the representative I talked to was really organized and responsive."


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"Everything was great! Thanks [Cal ASCE] for providing these opportunities for students and for industry; it's a win-win."


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"Although there were some technical difficulties, you all did a good job of making best of the situation. Thanks!"

Clark Construction

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Every Tuesday, scheduled based on availability

Fall 2022 - $1000

Spring 2023 - $750

Company infosessions are the venue for you to present your company to Cal students. You can share your company’s story and show off impressive projects. Infosessions are also a wonderful way to recruit interns and employees from our great pool of students in a more casual and intimate setting.


Includes 2 free parking passes, usher to and from parking lot, A/V equipment,

catering, marketing

Career Fair
2019 Career Fair.jpg

Spring 2022

Registration - $650

Cal ASCE hosts an annual career fair on campus each spring. Our annual Spring Career Fair is the best way for you to quickly connect with your potential interns and full time employees in a more formal setting. Our career fair is catered specifically to students interested in civil engineering and related fields, so you know that you’ll leave the fair with a list of very eager and qualified applicants.

Includes 2 company representatives, 2 parking passes, 1 booth, WiFi, refreshments and snacks, and marketing.

- $75 electricity (outlets and/or extension cords) 
- $50 for each additional representative

2018 Advisory Panel.JPG

Scheduled based on availability


Davis Hall houses our Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and for several students Davis Hall is home. This is why Davis Hall is the best place to interview Cal students for open positions and internships offered by your company. We can provide you with interview rooms, parking passes, and whatever else you need to make your recruiting process all the better.


Includes 2 parking passes, 1 interview rooms, refreshments, usher to and from parking lot, WiFi, marketing

Resume Book
2018 Career Fair.JPG

Fall and/or Spring

Single Emphasis - $300

All Emphases - $1000

If your company is unable to make its way to our campus, we can still connect you with our students via our resume book. Throughout the Fall semester, we compile students’ resumes and organize them by educational level and emphasis and at the end of the semester, we give them to you. This is a great way to find students to work with you, especially when you’re based out of town.


Available via one-time download link, can be sorted based on emphasis and/or educational level

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